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drunk2.jpgYo! RIP Keith! This is my old Music Archive - it holds well over 230 tunes, more or less serious ones. I think 2012 is the year you are looking for ;). My music making started on the Amiga in 1990 and I have mostly been focused on experimenting with the music software rather than on the music itself. Feel free to think that it sucks... But keep in mind that this is just a little hobby and I'm still mostly using only the mouse/pc-keyboard as input.

If you want the most recent of my more or less crappy tracks, these are released on Soundcloud:


A few years ago I was asked to make tracks for the Team Ghost Rider-movies, so I pulled my thumb out of my ass and updated my software a few times. When I feel that I've got the hang of it, in another 20 years or so, I will start focusing on the actual music... Mostly I get bored after a couple of hours, and want to start a new track! ;)

Most of my 96-2000 stuff (PC tracker mods) were lost in a HDD-crash years ago. The 1990-96 crap (Amiga tracker mods) is on casette tapes (and Amiga-discs) but I have not yet bothered to make mp3s of the junk. In 2000 or so I switched from Fast Tracker to Fruity Loops, and today I am using FL Studio 10 Pro XXL and sometimes Pro Tools.

This site is old, so the embedded media player probably doesn't work anymore. You will have to click the DOWNLOAD link to actually listen to the crap.

There will be a remake of this website any year now :)

Feel free to use my music, published here, for any non-commercial purpose - but I would like a mentioning of www.jamworld.se in the credits. For other use, contact me.

Here is a transparent CENTERED LOGO of JAMworld.se if you need for your productions.

//Cheers! JAM Find me on Facebook >> | Now also on Soundcloud >> www.soundcloud.com/jamworld

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Welcome to JAMworld, my little archive of home-made crappy music... Enjoy, if you can...
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